Dear Classmates,

We hope that the new year has begun on a good note and that you look forward to the challenges that 2006 will bring.  For some of us, it may be time for us to reconnect with friends and acquaintances from "the good ole days".  It may be time to get involved with a new project or take on a new experience.  In any case, we hope that you will read this letter carefully and think of joining your classmates at our 43rd reunion.  That, in itself, is something new and challenging.

The committee has been meeting since the 40th reunion because of the fun it has been to re-connect or to cross paths again with people from the past.  Membership on the committee has changed but the intent is the same ... to plan functions that offer a time to get together and enjoy friendships and stories from the past.  Needless to say, part of the plans include arranging for good food and a good setting.

So ... for the next gathering, we took an idea from last year's successful
"60th Birthday" party.  We will meet again on a Saturday in July at the "Casino" in old Buttonwoods.  This year, we are offering a fun time around a clambake.  Please save July 29th as the date.  For Friday night, the 28th, we are planning a very informal get-together, place to be determined.  Please don't miss out on an enjoyable time schmoozing with classmates - it just gets better as we get older.  That's what happens when we can truly be ourselves.

More information will follow after the remainder of the details have been worked out.  For now, just be sure to reserve the dates of July 28th and July 29th.

Contact us by phone, email or the website's FEEDBACK page if you have questions and/or suggestions. or if you know of a classmate who did not receive this information.

          Until next time -

                  Matt Blade        Ph: 401.233.2033
                  Susan Pearson   Ph: 860.745.7457
                  Co-chairpersons of the 43rd reunion committee


Check out the proposed menu below ...



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