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July 20, 2019
It's that time of year!   Check out the reunion page.
Class Introduction How and why one class became two classes.
Dan Moore Dan Moore's message to the class ... as delivered at our 40th reunion, October, 2003.
56th Gathering
Saturday. Aug. 24th,2019 with a rain date of  Sunday,  Aug. 25th! 
Reunion Committee Reunion Committee Members
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639 Classmates
405 Valid contact information (that's 63.4% (after 55 years))
108 Deceased
112 Missing
  5  Do Not Send
  3  Not Eligible
  1  Not Interested
  4  Special Request
Missing List Classmates the committee would like to find
Deceased List Classmates who've left us
Feedback Page A form for you to fill out with current contact information.  You may add comments and/or questions.  The form goes to the webmaster and is used to update the database. 
Please help us to find anybody on the list by filling out this page and sending it to us.
This page is currently not available Somebody hijacked it and is totally misusing it.
Email Address List This is a current list and a secure area of the site. 
You must be able to provide a password in order to get access. 
Weather Current weather from AccuWeather.
Yearbook Partially completed.
The Entire yearbook is being scanned and loaded to the site.  This takes time but is underway.


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