On January 29th, 1963, the population of Warwick Veterans' Memorial High School split into two schools but all of us were forever linked together as one.

There were then two staffs and two student bodies now going to two schools every day ... but we would be forever linked together as one.

As stated in the Forward of our yearbook, "the problems unique to our two schools led us to choose as our theme
Robert Frost's poem, 'The Road Not Taken'".  Rediscover Mr. Frost and his poetry by clicking on the first link.  Read various interpretations of "our" poem by clicking on the second link.  It's far more interesting now than it was back then in school.

Last October, over the Halloween weekend, there was a reunion that had to be the best ever.  Dan Moore delivered a message to our class, in general, and to the attendees, in particular.  His address was entitled "A Road Taken and a Promise Kept".

You are invited to travel around the website, such as it currently is.  It will improve week by week and, hopefully, will become your one-stop for all things Vets/Pilgrim 1963.

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