5/7/2018 Official "SAVE THE DATE" notification.  There is going to be a 55th class reunion.  Please go to the master reunion page for further details.
8/22/2017 Please note the 54th reunion menu change.  The Registration Form has been updated to show the new dinner items as "Salad, Chicken & Pasta.  See you there.
There's going to be another reunion available for anyone who wants to come, regardless of how far you have to come. Save Sunday October 1, 2017.  Details will follow.
There is no longer a Warwick Veteran's Memorial HIGH SCHOOL.  Aldrich and Gorton junior high schools are now closed.  The old high school is now a monster junior high school.  All the high school students were divided up and half of them went to Tollgate and half to Pilgrim.

We had too many students in 1963 ... and, now, we have too few to warrant all the school buildings.  Lord knows how many students are in each class at the high schools.

Sadly, we have lost more of our classmates and some of our classmates have lost loved spouses and other family members.  As usual, we try to keep up with these sadnesses and communicate our condolences on your behalf to the families.  Donna Zaccagnini is really good at this.

And ... to nobody's surprise, the website is still not perfect.  There are reasons ... but you wouldn't care so there's no need to go into it.  Let's just say that it's being worked on (once in a while).

Anyway, that's the newest info.

1/27/2016 Planning is underway for another of the yearly get-togethers.  Save the date of Sept. 10th,2016
7/9/2015 We are announcing the party for this year ... "the 70th Birthday Party".  Life is becoming very precious as we all are learning.  Please come and celebrate and catch up with old friends.  No time like the present, "they" say!!!
Not a good news week ... we have lost two classmates in the last ten days, Stan Butterworth and Barbara Gremour.  Don't delay that phone call you've been meaning to make or send that card you've been meaning to send.
Summer Cookout at Buttonwoods.  In a continuing effort to keep classmates in touch with each other, the committee tries to present some sort of summertime function for any classmate who is around, available and who wishes to attend.

This year, there's a free cookout with food, music and assorted fun activities.  Yes ... FREE, like it won't cost attendees any money.

It will be held at the Buttonwoods Casino.  Click here for details and directions ...

Also, some bad news.  We have just recently lost David Rothfuss (Pilgrim) to a brief illnes.  He had resided in Coventry.

I'm having trouble implementing reCaptcha on the FEEDBACK Page ... but I'll get it.  PROMISE!



I'm working on the website.  Charlie has been receiving bogus info from the "FEEDBACK" page.  There have been over 1,000 change requests with junk data.  To fix this problem, I'm going to use the "reCaptcha" protection programming from GOOGLE. 

                            CAPTCHA example

There is no charge for the code and this thing works very well.  What it does is to make it impossible for any computer to interact with this page.  So if you are human and want to send us classmate data updates ... you can.  Naughty computers run by bad people using "WEBBOTS" (malicious programs) will hit a dead end and fail to send anything to take up Charlie's time, or mess up our records.

9/10/2013 We have approximately 125 people who have sent the registration form and fee in to Donna.  This basically assures that we will have all the money we need to run this bash.  This is quite a good place to be in considering the total cost for this 50th party.

So, if you haven't sent your registration ... get on it.  This is the 50th anniversary of your high school graduation.  We are no longer high schoolers ... we are older men and women.  We probably will meet people we have never previously met ... we could make some NEW friends.  You still have time, but get it done, okay?

Oh, and we've found a few more people and learned that another of our class has left us.

That's all for now.  See you at the reunion !

8/27/2013 We are pleased to let you know that we have received a reasonable number of reservations.  We'd like more to arrive soon.

That said, we know that lots of you are kinda doggin' it about committing for one reason or another and ... that's somewhat understandable.

We ask you to remember that your cost is for the ENTIRE weekend ... all three functions.  There has been a little confusion regarding this and a couple of people have asked if they could pay for only certain events. 

Please, please be assured that the price decided upon was as reasonable as humanly possible in order to cover all costs. 

7/11/2013 Since the last news item (below), there have been quite a few reunion committee meetings and a lot of data base and planning work has been done.  Also, focus groups were created and lists of people to call were created for each of us.  These lists included names of people who shared activities and/or teams or clubs we were part of in school.  Those calls will most likely have been completed by the upcoming meeting.

So, at this time, the planning for the reunion is complete.  The data base is as current as possible at this moment.  The reunion reservation forms have been printed.  Our next committee meeting ( or, the stuff 'n' send 'em meeting ) will be  at 2:00 p.m. this  coming Saturday, July 13th.  Just about everyone is coming to help with addressing envelopes using the mailing labels created from the data base and printed.  We will be including the most recent list of "missing" with a plea for your help if you happen to know where somebody on that list is currently located.

Then, we're gonna eat and party.  And,  since the meeting is at Bonnet Shores, we'll probably do some beaching ... assuming the bugs aren't REALLY hungry.

That's all for now.  Keep an eye on this page.  Maybe there'll be new news for you.

7/10/2013 Every Wednesday the Warwick Senior Softball League plays games at City Park.  Yesterday, I was able to get there to play for the 1st time this year.  I'm please to tell you that, from the class of 1963, John Archibald and I were on the same team.  A friend showed up to watch ... none other than Bob Hocking.  Also on the team, but from the class of 1962, were Peter Castriotta and Mike Neari.  Others also from Warwick were on other teams.  What a nice feeling came from seeing all those guys.
10/15/2012 The makeup of the reunion committee is complete.  We have signed contracts for the main hotel site, we have contracted the band, REMINISCE who we know you'll enjoy ... they play "our" music".  We also have a sock hop planned.  DJ Jim Bruckshaw will provide spin "our" disks so we can do all the dances that were the rage in 1963.

We have valid addresses for over 65% of our mates.  Sadly, we've lost 69 and can't find 156.  The committee has spent a lot of time hunting down the missing.  There have been many phone calls made to verify information.  All in all, if most of you come, we should have an absolutely fabulous time "reconnecting".

There will be monthly meetings from now on until the big weekend so that all the event details can be worked out, mailings be made and lists maintained.

09/04/2012 Work on updating the site in preparation for the 50th reunion is underway.  You an get info on Face Book, too.  Just go to
09/04/2012 We have lost additional classmates.  While this page has not been updated in some time, if you want to review the list of classmates who have left us, go to the deceased classmates page.
09/30/2010 We were informed today by Lorraine (DeSilva) Botts that we've lost another classmate.  The obituary of George P. Barker (Pilgrim) was in today's Providence Journal.  A sympathy card will be sent to her family.
09/30/2010 Charlie Kernick has volunteered to assume the duties associated with the maintenance of the class database.  As of October 1st 2010, the information you enter into the "Feedback" page will be sent to Charlie and be used to update the filing system.

Lorraine (DeSilva) Botts will forward all the info she gathers to Charlie as well.

Mike Agresti will continue to publish the web site ... and since we are beginning the work associated with our 50 year reunion, there will be an increased effort to keep you informed and give you a better opportunity to express your opinions and suggestions regarding activities that will be offered as things to do.


As of this date, the updated tally of our classmates is:
     638   Total Classmates
     330   Accurate addresses
     230   Missing
       57   Deceased
         4   Do not wish to be contacted
09/30/2010 We were informed by Lorraine (DeSilva) Botts that we've lost another classmate, Robert E. "Bob" Fish (Pilgrim).  A sympathy card was be sent to her family.


We were informed by Lorraine (DeSilva) Botts that we've lost another classmate, Sandra E. Greenwood (Pilgrim).  A sympathy card was be sent to her family.




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